How to Set Compare at Price for Shopify Product

September 02, 202010 Min Read

‘Compare at Price’ is a useful and legitimate way of attracting people to have a look at your products. It might convince your customers to buy your products more rigorously. We use the method to display the price tag of a product before and after setting the ‘Compare at Price’. In this method, we do not use a discount code to lower the price of a product but use a ‘Sale’ method instead. Shopify includes the ‘Compare at Price’ feature to help your customers get a glimpse of the original and the sale price.

The goal of the ‘Compare at Price’ is to provide incentives to your customers and keep them engaged. It helps you gain good traffic for a long period of time. However, there are many side benefits of the feature, like the sale badge helps you attract more customers by its red appearance in the customer interface. Items on sale are also easy to find, thanks to the search filter capabilities of Shopify. It also enables you to search for discounted items or products on sale. The customers will easily narrow down their search to a list having your products on sale.

Shopify Compare at Price in a Nutshell

The sale prices in Shopify are called ‘Compare at Price’. If customers can see a certain amount of discount on an item, they would consider buying it at the sale price rather than the original price. This helps you and the customers engage more in a unique way. Before we move onto setting the Compare at Price, we need to keep something in mind.

setting the Compare at Price

The price or the ‘Compare at Price’ needs to be lower than the original price. Otherwise, Shopify will not show the ‘Compare at Price’ for the product. If you set the ‘Compare at Price’ for a single product, the Shopify store will show the sale and the actual prices side by side as shown below:

If you set the ‘Compare at Price’ for different variants of a product, the store will show the original price and the lowest price any variant has to offer. If you have set the prices for blue variant as $20, $25 for black variant, and 30$ for the golden variant, and the original price is 35$, the store will show 20$ as the sale price and 35$ as the ‘Compare at Price’. This helps the customer get an idea of how much discount he/she is receiving over a product.

Setting ‘Compare at Price’ to your product will add to its attractiveness too. The ‘Compare at Price’ is shown in a strikethrough order to make the customer confident about the price at the moment. Like 30$. ‘Compare at Price’ works more like a guide for the customers to know more about the product. Adding to it, the comparison of prices has always attracted a bunch of people to your and everyone else’s products.

How to Set Compare at Price’?

The ‘Compare at Price can be set for individual products as well as multiple variants of a single product. If all the variants of the product have the same pricing, their ‘Compare at Price’ can be set by setting the price for the main product only. For individual products: From the admin page of Shopify, go to settings, products, and all products. Scroll down to the pricing section. Click the name of the product you want to set the ‘Compare at Price’ for. Now set the ‘Compare at Price’ for the product and the new price which must be lower than the ‘Compare at Price’.

The ‘Compare at Price’ will not show up if you type a smaller value than the original price. Now, clicking save will put the product on sale on your Shopify store. The further displaying of the product on sale depends on you and your online store theme. Most of the themes choose their first page products which are on sale. This helps in attracting customers. You can also click on the view key to see how the product appears in your store.

how the product appears

For a product with different variants: We have learned how to set the Compare at Price for a single product. But what about a product which has different variants with different prices? Well, we have got you covered in that case too. To set the price of a variant of a product, you need to go to the admin settings. Now click on all products and select the product you want to set the price for. Scroll down to the variants section, find the specific variant you want to put on sale, and then press edit. Then set the new price for the product and also set the ‘Compare at Price’. Click view to check the visibility of the variant and then click Save.

When you want to put ‘Compare at Price’ for a number of variants of a single or multiple products, you can also use the Bulk editor for the task. We will learn about the Bulk editor in the next section. Always remember that if you set different prices for different variants of a product, the sale price of the lowest-priced variant would be displayed at the front page. Remember you can always use the same method to disable ‘Compare at Price’ as you enabled it. Just empty the ‘Compare at Price’ box and you are good to go.

How to Use the Bulk Editor to Set Compare at Price?

If you want to edit a number of products in your store, you can use the bulk editor and save plenty of time. The bulk editor was created by Shopify for users with a huge amount of shop items and for those who lack time for sorting out their products. This feature has helped a lot of big sellers save time and enhance customer experience on Shopify. All you’ve got to do is go to the admin page, go to ‘Products’, select all the products you want to edit using the white checkboxes at the left, and click edit products.

You can also select which aspects of the products you want to edit using the add fields key. Pressing it will open all the aspects of the products you can edit. Select price and ‘Compare at Price’ for now. Now you will see the prices and ‘Compare at Price’ for each and every product you have selected. Set the new prices for each product you edit and also the ‘Compare at Price’. Now click save and all the changes would have been applied. In this way, you have saved plenty of time by using the Bulk editor.

How to Set Compare at Price on iPhone?

iPhones have always been a priority to app developers and programmers. This is because of the popularity of Apple products. Their operating system is what makes them unique. However, setting the ‘Compare at Price’ from your iPhone is just as simple. First, open your Shopify app, go to the products section, now select the product you want to put on sale. For a number of variants, you need to select the exact variant too. Now on the variant’s detail screen, set the ‘Compare at Price’ and the new price. Now tap save.

Set Compare at Price on iPhone

This will change the product pricing on your store and also label it as on sale. It will now be displayed on the “products on sale” page in your Shopify store. For setting up ‘Compare at Price’ for different variants of a product, you can choose the specific variant under the product details section and set the ‘Compare at Price’ right next to the new sale price.

Having an iOS app for your store can be some real progress. This achievement will help you advance in your business and increase your average income. This one-time investment in an app will make your business future-proof as well as more beneficial. iOS is a widely used platform and you need to grab as much attention as you can. This is a great opportunity for you to spread your business more. People prefer having to use apps rather than opening their web browser and using it.

How to Set ‘Compare at Price’ on Android?

Android is a common platform among the most portion of our society. People prefer having a useful and functional assistant in their phones rather than in their homes at their tables. For instance, we can take a look at Facebook. 98% of Facebook users are mobile users. Meaning they use their android or iOS to talk and connect with people around them. Only 2% of their users are still using the web version (According to Statista).

The popularity of mobile phones these days has resulted in a huge decrease in the use of other electronic machines most of which are Laptops and computers. So, it has become crucial for business entrepreneurs to shift to mobile apps. The ones who shift now will have an advantage over others.

Due to the popularity, we have also prepared a guide for you if you are using an Android version of the Shopify app. First, open the Shopify app and go to ‘Products’. Search for the product you want to set a ‘Compare at Price’. Once you have selected the product, open it, and from the product details section, set the ‘Compare at Price’ adjacent to the original price. Once done, you can view the product on sale.Tap on the white check mark to confirm and save changes. For setting variant compare prices, you need to select the product with different variants, tap on product details, go to the variants section, and set individual prices for each and every variant you want to set. Now click on the white check mark on the top right to ensure all the changes you made have been saved.

Android users get a better interface of the Shopify store than Windows users. This makes them use the app more and spend more time on it. Adding proper descriptions to your product engages customers to spend more time on your store. IKEA, the world-leading furniture brand, doesn’t have any windows or working/functional clocks inside their stores. This makes the customers forget about the time they are spending in their store. Also, they only have a single entrance and exit. So even if you have to buy a specific thing, you will have to go through the whole store. This gives every customer an idea of what variety of furniture they have.

How to Use the Sales Badge on Your Product?

The sales badge is an eye-catcher for customers. It forces a customer to have a glance at what you are selling. One of the easiest ways of enabling it is to set the ‘Compare at Price’ for your product. This should put a sales badge on every product you edit and set comparison prices for. If you have set the ‘Compare at Price’s for your product and a sales badge is still missing, you can try using another theme from the Shopify store.

The problem happens if the theme is undergoing any programming technicalities or has some programming error. If you still encounter any issue with the sales badge, you can always reach out to the 24/7 working well-responsive team of Shopify. They are great at helping out. In case you are not using a paid theme, you may miss out on many features like this sales badge too. But some free themes offer great services too. So, you can always check them out.