How to Change Shopify Domain Name and Store Name

July 18, 20208 Min Read

In this article, we will cover the Shopify domain name, how to buy and change it. Before we dig deep into these topics, let’s first define the domain name. It’s an internet address or a URL where people can find your website, blog, or store. You choose a store name when you create a Shopify account for you. Shopify creates your domain name on the basis of your store name. The primary domain name for your Shopify store is something like:


To log into your Shopify admin dashboard, you use the Shopify domain name. You can use it to direct your customers or clients to your web store. As you can see, the primary domain name comes with the name of Shopify in it. To make your brand stand out, you must buy your branded domain name. It builds trust and a unique image among your prospects. Your branded domain name will read something like:


So, there is no extra word like ‘Shopify’ in the domain name of your brand. It looks more genuine and appealing to your customers and clients. They are more likely to come to your store if they can memorize the domain name of your store.

How to Change Shopify Domain Name

To change your Shopify domain name and make it your brand, you have three options:

  • Use a domain name you already have
  • Buy a special domain name from Shopify
  • Get a new domain name from a third-party registrar like Namecheap or Godaddy

Let’s get to know how to connect a domain name you already own. You need to check with your domain provider if it has some instructions to forward your domain name. If it doesn’t have any such instructions, you can follow the general process given below:

  • Go to ‘Online Store’ and click on ‘Domains’
  • Add and connect your domain name to Shopify
  • Click next and ‘Connect automatically’
  • Verify that you own the domain name in your domain name registrar
  • Click ‘Connect’ and that’s it

Or else you can connect your domain name manually. Log in to your domain name registrar account and find DNS settings. Find the CNAME record in it. Change your subdomain CNAME record to and save. Now, go to your Shopify admin and click on ‘Online Store’ and choose ‘Domains’. Connect the existing domain and enter your subdomain. Verify you own the domain name and here we go. If the process seems a bit challenging for you, add the domain name automatically.

Go for Shopify Domain Name

If you don’t have a domain name or preference for a particular domain registrar, you should go for Shopify. There is no configuration needed. All you need is search for available domains and buy a particular domain of your choice. To establish your brand and rank higher in search, going for the special domain name is a great idea. Shopify makes it easy for you to manage your domain name. Having a branded domain gives you a lot of benefits including:

  • Create a personalized email address on your domain name
  • Make your brand more memorable and readable
  • Add professional credibility
  • Increase search rankings
  • Create and manage sub-domains
  • Make your brand stand out
  • Control your brand’s online presence

You should get a domain name from Shopify if you run a Shopify store only and have no other domains. Let’s get to know what benefits come along with a Shopify domain name:

  • Stay in your Shopify admin panel and save time
  • Build a website or a blog with Shopify page builder
  • Add unlimited bandwidth and products
  • Enjoy global tax and currency support
  • Optimize your store with search engine
  • Choose from over 100 international payment gateways

There are other benefits to use Shopify-managed domains. For example, you don’t need to leave your store admin. You don’t have to spend time searching for a better domain registrar. Some of them are tricky in pricing and some don’t provide you with the features you need. And even if you get a domain from Shopify, you can always change or transfer it.

Get A New Domain from Third-Party Registrar

Domain names put a friendly face of your brand for your visitors and customers. If you have no domain and don’t want to go with Shopify domain name, get it from a third-party registrar. How you do it? There are easy steps to follow. Go to the domain registrar of your choice. It may be Namecheap, Godaddy, or Dynadot. Before you buy from them, you must compare the features and pricing of all these domain registrars. Search for your domain and add it to the cart if it’s available. Do the payments and you are ready to go.

After you buy a domain name from a third-party registrar, go to Shopify. And add the domain name thereby following the above-given process. You need to keep a few things in mind before you choose a domain name for your store:

  • Try to go for a dot com domain
  • Use selling keywords in your domain name or else your brand is enough
  • Keep your branded domain name short
  • It should be easy to pronounce and spell
  • Avoid double letters or hyphens
  • Go for a country top-level domain if your target is a specific country

Your domain name will be your identity. Taking time to think about it is excellent.

How to Rename My Shopify Domain

Even in the most lucrative business, you might need a change in the name. There must be some solid reasons to rename your Shopify domain. Else you will lose credibility and brand image. So, first things first. You can not change the YourStoreName.MyShopify.Com URL. If you want to change it, creating a new Shopify account will solve your problem. Let’s discuss how you can rename your Shopify domain name. You need to get a new domain name either from Shopify or third-party domain registrars. Then you need to follow these steps to remove the existing domain name for your store.

  • Go to Shopify
  • Click on ‘Online Store’ and select ‘Domains’
  • Choose ‘Primary Domain’ section if you have Shopify-managed domain or go for the ‘Third-party domains’ section
  • Change primary domain
  • Select the domain you want to change
  • Confirm to remove

Now that you have removed the existing domain name for your store, add your new domain name now. This is how you rename your Shopify domain name. Again, you cannot rename your MyShopify domain name.

How to Change Shopify Store Name

When you create a Shopify account, you choose a name for your store. Your chosen store name becomes a part of your Shopify sub-domain. You can use the sub-domain to log in to your Shopify account. You can change your store name but not the sub-domain of your Shopify store. Before you change your store name, you need to revise the idea. It’s because your business name is your identity.

There are some questions you need to ask yourself before you change your store name:

  • How long your domain has been active
  • How much revenue you have got with it
  • What is the size of your email list
  • Why you want to change it
  • How people respond to this change

If your store has been active for a long time and the size of your email list is big enough, you need to think again. What will happen when your visitors find ‘the Site not found’ notification? But, we do understand there might be some solid reasons behind changing your store name.

Let’s find out how you change your Shopify store name.

  • Log into your Shopify account
  • Hover over to settings
  • Choose ‘General’ settings where you will have all the store details
  • Change ‘Store name’ and save.

You can always change your store’s name because it’s yours. But, we recommend not doing it unless you have solid reasons for that.

Change Shopify Domain Name Using Mobile App

Using the Shopify mobile app, you can change the domain name of your Shopify store. Open the app and press the ‘Store’ icon in the bottom right. From the ‘Sales channels’, choose ‘Online Store’ and then press domains. Go for changing the primary domain and choose it. Remove the old domain and enter the new one. Click on ‘Save’ and here we go. We have successfully changed the Shopify domain name using the mobile app.

Can I Change My Shopify Domain Name

No, you can’t change your My Shopify domain name once you choose it. You can use the domain name to log into your Shopify account. By default, your primary domain name is something like YourStoreName.MyShopify.Com. To change the name of your domain, you need to get a custom domain for your Shopify store. Only then you will be able to change or rename your Shopify domain name. As we have already discussed a few ways to do so. Either you can buy a domain name from Shopify or a third-party domain registrar.

Concluding, everything about changing the Shopify domain name or store name is easy. But there are a lot of things you would like to consider before changing it. We have covered almost all the information you need to change your Shopify domain name. Wishing you the best of luck for your store from our website.