Best Trust Badges Apps for Shopify Store

August 15, 202011 Min Read

Trust badges apps are a wonderful way to build credibility among your customers. It is frustrating to see customers and clients abandon your cart. They come to your store, like some product, and add it to the cart. They leave your Shopify store without buying anything at all. Fortunately, there are several things you can do. One of those important things to do is to add trust badges to your store. Adding them in the cart also encourages your customers to buy without leaving your cart.

In this article, we will discuss the trust seal or badge and how we can add it. We will also get to know about the best and free apps to do so.

Shopify Trust Seal

According to Barilliance, 75 percent of your customers might actually abandon your cart. And as per the Statista, 15 percent of the lost sales were due to security. To handle the issue, the Shopify app store offers a trust seal to show your credibility to your customers. It instills trust and shows up at any place in your store. Most of the sometimes you find trust seals in the cart but retailers are putting them on the home pages as well.

There are often but not always security features behind these trust seals or badges. They keep credit card and personal information safe. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a part of a complex security system for the internet. It encrypts certain information sent over the internet. You can always check it before the URL if it starts with a locked lock or https.

We have the know-how of a trust seal or badge now, let’s know how to add them to your store.

How to Add Trust Badges to Shopify

Before we dig deep into how we can add trust badges to Shopify, let’s get to know five main types of trust badges:

  1. Safe Checkout Badge (indicates your checkout process is safe and secured)
  2. Accepted Payment Badge (shows accepted payment options to boost trust)
  3. Third-Party Endorsements (increases credibility)
  4. Money-Back Guarantee Badge (only to show your customers can refund)
  5. Free Shipping and Returns Badge (avoids cart abandonment)

But how to add these trust badges to your Shopify store? There are two main methods to do so:

  • Create them by yourself or a designer and upload them in your store
  • Use trust badges apps if you are not a coding guy or designing geek

To create trust badges or seals yourself, you can use online tools like Canva or PicMonkey. Otherwise hiring a designer is a great idea. In the second method, you use apps from Shopify’s app store. It’s easy and fun to set up and run them. That’s why, why we have come up with some of the best trust badges apps for Shopify.

Best Trust Badges Apps for Shopify

Trust badges apps do not need any coding or designing skills on your end. All you need to do is install and run the app. Let’s discuss our top picks now.

Fera Social Proof

It’s not only a trust badge app but a full-fledged solution to your social proof business. The app makes sure you have more sales and trust. With over 2500 reviewers, the app still manages to be on a 4.9-star rating. So, you can build your social proof and trust badges with confidence. Not only you get social validation through pop-ups but also with testimonials. You can show them any place in your store. The app also shows recent sales. It has many more features, but let’s discuss the one why we have added this app here.

Fera Social Proof app comes with trust badges like ‘As Featured In’ or ‘As Seen On’. These logo banners bring credibility to your Shopify store. You stand out when you put logos of those brands you integrate with. The app is easy to install and run. It has all the necessary support. There are no annoying pop-ups. They appear only when it’s necessary. There are a lot of templates you can choose from. And customizing them is also seamless.


Your customers will buy your products only if they feel safe and secured. Their privacy concerns are fair. The online world is fierce and brutal. You need to do something to build trust among your visitors. Varinode Inc. has only done that with the TRUST app. It lets you build credibility and loyalty by showing special badges. The app helps reduce the bounce rate makes your customers stay in your store for a longer time.

The app offers you:

  • PCI Compliance Seal
  • Money-Back Guarantee Seal
  • SSL Seal
  • Secure Architecture Seal
  • Store Contact and Reviews Seal
  • Social Validation
  • Follow emails to customers

You can customize every seal you want to display. The app lets you decide the place for the seal to show up in your store. Display some of these trust badges on the checkout pages. It increases conversions. You don’t need to have a single line of coding to add and manage the app. TRUST app is responsive to mobile and tablet. People can rate your products and review them. And you have full control over everything you display in your Shopify store. Build trust with this TRUST Shopify app the easy way.


The app answers a simple question raised by your customer and that is, ‘Can I trust this store?’. As a store owner, you always to increase credibility among your customers. Why? It’s because it increases brand loyalty which further translates into profitability. With this app, you can prove with visuals that your store’s checkout system is highly secured and safe. Personalize the trust badges according to your theme. And all you need to do is set it up and go. TrustBadges adds the trust seal on any product page or under the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

For store validation and verification, TrustBadges is a hassle-free app to turn the confusion of your customers into the trust.

Smart Badge – Product Label

The app allows you to add all kinds of badges, not only the trust badges. And you can always custom-make them to fit to your theme. Draw the attention of your customers towards specific products, offers, and sales. This way, you not only build trust abut also get more sales. There are a wonderful features of Smart Badge, let’s get to know some of them:

  • Unlimited number of badges for your store
  • Custom design badges
  • Ability to place the badges at any place in your store
  • Change the background design, text, or size
  • Eye-catchy designs
  • Add a link on the badge so you redirect your customers.
  • Apply badges according to a specific collection or category
  • Support custom CSS
  • Enable or disable some or all badges at any time

So, the app is not only about the trust badges but all the badges you can imagine. If you spend money on getting the app, it’s worth it. Why? It’s because the app is beneficial for you in the longer run.

Free Trust Badges for Shopify [3×190]

If you are in search of trust seals for free, we have got your covered. Let’s have a look at a few of the free trust badges apps for Shopify now.

Free Trust Badge Master

Trust and security badges are important enough to pay for. Yet the HulkApps provides Free Trust Badge Master app for you don’t need to pay a single dime. Build trust by keeping your customers in calm and peace. It also helps you lower the bounce rate. Imagine if a customer visits your store, finds nothing to build the trust, and leaves. You would not want it without a question. The app provides an easy way to increase your conversions with minimal efforts. All you need is to add and run the app.

Free Trust Badge Master contains more than 12 different trust badges. Grab them for free to run it on most of the Shopify themes. If the icons don’t work with your custom theme, you can always ask for support. The app makers adapt the icons according to your special theme within 24 hours. Dual-color or full-color badges are available on the app. You can put up logo payment badges above or below the cart of your store. It’s surprising that the app with premium badges and support is completely free.

Ultimate Trust Badges by Conversion Bear is an app to provide you with free trust badges. Being free, the app does not compromise anything at all. You get free badges full of colors designed to boost sales. The app helps you increase conversions by allowing your customers buy with confidence. Reducing the bounce rate is seamless with the app. With the help of trust badges, you ease your customers’ fears. The app motivates them to buy your products right away. There are more than 100 free badges to match your store’s design.

Ultimate Trust Badges

There’s a lot more the app offers for free. Ultimate Trust Badges app lets you customize messages, colors, texts, and more. You don’t need any coding skills to install and run the app to create trust badges. All you need is a few clicks. Either you can create original color badges or mono-color or full-color badges. Adding these trust badges to your product page, site’s footer, or cart page is hassle-free. All these badges are mobile-ready and run on any device. There are no hidden fees, the app is completely free with no theme code needd.

Trust Hero

‘Trust Hero – Trust Badges Free’ app is wonderful way to show trust and credibility to your customers. Without thousands of users and 2200 reviews, the app still manages to maintain the star rating of 4.8. Adding payment badges with the store is seamless. You can see immediate results in sales by displaying trust badges. If your customers lack trust in your store, they are unlikely to buy. With VeriSign, TRUSTe, and McAfee badges, the app is valuable source for a store owner.

The designs of these badges are mobile-ready. You can customize every badge given in the Trust hero app. With only one click installation, you are ready to go with trust badges in less than 2 minutes. And the trust badges by Trust Hero app are free for life. You don’t have to pay a single cent for them. Isn’t it brilliant? There is a large library for logos of several brands you would like to show up. You can also upload your custom logo and show it in your store.

Coupo Free Trust Badge

Free and easy to use, the app provides you with trust badges or seals for your store. There are hundreds of customizable badges to choose from. You can boost conversion rates without spending an extra dollar on your store. The app sets up in less than 2 minutes. There will be no more abandoned cart if you show these trust badges to your customers. Not only you can show security badges under your cart but also on your product pages.

Coupo Free Trust Badge by Coupo provides payment and security badges to your store. All the trust badges work with Oberlo, Loox, and Spocket. There is no limitation in the app despite it being free. You can display Google Pay, VISA, Apple Pay, and many more.

How to Add Trust Badges to Shopify Cart

If you want to add trust badges to the Shopify cart, all you need to do is download the logos from different brands. And set them up in your store with manual coding. Or else you can collect and upload them as one image. But, there is a better way to do so. And that is using apps from the Shopify app store. How to do it? Add any app of your choice and click on necessary fields. Customize the badges according to your brand and there you go. You don’t need coding or designing skills. Tell us which app you found the best for your store.