Best Shopify Blog Apps for your Ecommerce Store

July 04, 202011 Min Read

You have created a Shopify store. Congratulations! And now you want to attract, engage, and convert the visitors into customers. Content marketing is powerful and blogging is a huge part of it. That’s why we have come up with the best Shopify blog apps for your e-commerce store. You may be using WordPress or Shopify to create your blog for the store. Or, you may be thinking about which platform or app is better than others. Let’s find it out right now.

Best Blog Apps for Shopify

We have taken deep consideration to select the best blog apps for Shopify here. The list includes free and paid apps with positive reviews and productive features.

BlogFeeder – Blog Importer

With BlogFeeder, you keep your store and blog at the same place on the same domain. When you host a blog on Shopify, you don’t need the app. But in case you have an external blog, you can import it on your Shopify store in the same domain. It not only saves you a lot of time but also creates your brand image. Getting the entire blog on your store’s domain improves SEO for your store. And it’s not about the SEO only, it actually boosts the conversion of your Shopify store. Also, you can customize the layout for your blog.

So, host your blog on WordPress, Facebook, Medium, or elsewhere and sync it with your store.

Related Products & Blogs by Zestard Technologies

The app synchronizes your blog with the store to increase conversions and engagement. How? It displays related products on your blog posts according to your instructions. Once you set it up, the app is customizable and powerful. The “Related Products & Blogs” app not only improves SEO but also increases profitability. There is a set of available looks for the product display on your blog. Also, it supports to caption your blog post images. Isn’t it amazing?

The app helps you leverage the power of content marketing. There is a responsive slider where the app uses weighted rules to grab customer’s attention.

Blog Studio

blog studio

The other two Shopify blog apps are usable only when you have already a blog. And what if you don’t have a blog and want to create one. That’s where Blog Studio by ShopPad Inc. comes in. It’s an impressive drag-and-drop way to tell your brand story. This app is a hassle-free way to craft an eye-catching blog post on your Shopify store. You don’t need to go out of the store’s admin. Blog Studio is not simple, it as sophisticated as you can make it.

You can get creative with images, include several attractive effects, and hone your typography. There are hundreds of fonts available to tweak your brand.

Free Shopify Blog Apps

There are several Shopify blog apps that are free and yet powerful. We have taken usability and positive reviews into consideration to come up with below given three apps. Let’s find out what we can get for free.

Blog with Shopify

It’s quick, free, and seamless to start blogging on your e-commerce store. You can do all the basic blogging things from inserting images or videos to adding a title and description for the blog post. There are a lot of other functionalities of blogging with Shopify. You can also schedule posts for the future.

The blog system also lets you add comments, tags, and categories for the blog posts. You can also disable comments and display an excerpt from a blog post. There is a handy feature in which you can promote a featured post as well. Without spending another buck, you can start attracting visitors to your store with the power of a blog.

Additionally, you can create and run many blogs for different purposes. For example, you dedicate a blog for your company’s news and another blog for the entertainment of your customers. Also, creating a separate blog for promotional campaigns gives you more organized results.

Related Blog Posts by Digital Darts

Related Blog Posts

One of the most powerful Shopify blog apps is “Related Blog Posts” by Digital Darts. And that is completely free. It helps you boost the SEO by creating more internal links to serve your customers. The app also suggests the visitors of your Shopify store with related products. It also includes specific tags to make the content more engaging and SEO-friendly. You can also exclude some posts by using a specific tag.

From changing the text size to its color, you can do it all with this free Related Blog Posts app.

Google Docs Blog & Page Builder

Google Docs Blog & Page Builder

It’s a wonderful free-to-install Shopify blog app by Reputon for those who love using Google Docs. You can draft content in Google Docs and export it with one click. Do you find it difficult to collaborate for content on your store? You need to divert your content team to Google Docs. The app may also attract your attention if you don’t like the native Shopify text editing tools or broken markup.

How does it work? Connect your Google Drive account with the app. Create the content on Google Docs and export it to a specific target. The target may be a page or a blog. And here comes the best part; any change done in Google Docs later will appear on your blog.

Paid Shopify Blog Apps

Going for the paid Shopify blog apps is great. But the apps are worth your money only if they are useful enough for your store. Have a look at our top picks to decide what fits you.

Pro Blogger

Pro Blogger by Low Fruit Solutions is a terrific solution to all your blogging chores. It shows related blog posts and products. You can also add related content to your product pages as reviews to drive more traffic. It not only increases customer engagement but also boosts profitability. In a responsive slider, the app matches and displays the most relevant post and products.

The responsive sliders available in the app are also suitable for sidebars. Moreover, it adds internal site links which are great for better SEO. Pro Blogger also helps you create and manage captions for product images. You can also make use of social shopping sites like Pinterest to drive support to your blog. We hope it comes out to be a helpful Shopify blog app for you.

Smart RSS Feed

It’s a terrific app by Webmarked to generate RSS or Atom Feeds of products, collections, and blogs. It also auto-publishes your Shopify blog posts on Facebook as Instant Articles. Automating your social media and email marketing campaigns with this is seamless. Smart RSS Feed lets you customize your feed without any coding skills. 

In the app, there are options to display and hide any element of your content. You can also change the title of any feed element. The app has also the full-fledged support for ATOM feeds and Custom XML Namespaces. Smart RSS Feed syndicates the latest products and blogs to feed readers and browsers.

InstaPics for Instagram Feed

InstaPics for Instagram Feed is not for you if you are not on Instagram. Be there for boosting sales. Instagram is a wonderful social media platform to engage and convert customers. With this app, you can showcase Instagram feed on your product pages or blog posts. It’s a wonderful way to add many gallery layouts to show your IG posts. And with the new Facebook API, you don’t lose customers.

InstaPics for Instagram is an impressive app to tell your brand story in a creative and social way. The app blends the theme of IG in your brand looks and feels. It means you have customizable IG posts right onto your store. There are eye-catching templates to choose from. Last but not the least, using this app does not impact the page speed. Isn’t it wow?

Shopify Blog Apps for SEO

Creating a Shopify store does not drive traffic to it which means no profits. But, you can always optimize your store for search engines like Google or Bing. Here are a few Shopify blog apps for SEO. Let’s jump in.

Matcha: Content Marketing

Matcha: Content Marketing is our favorite Shopify blog app for several reasons. First, it optimizes and analyses your content for SEO. Second, the app gives you the power of the content library of 12000+ customizable licensed articles. The app helps you grow your email subscribers and segment your lists as well. It also uses the data to convert readers into buyers. With this app, blogging becomes more engaging, persuasive, and reader-centric.

SEO lies in the core of Matcha. It optimizes every blog post to drive more leads and revenue. Matcha: Content Marketing analyzes content so that it can boost conversions. It also populates your blog with prime quality licensed content.

SEO Image Optimizer – Auto SEO

SEO Image Optimizer – Auto SEO does not only optimize your images but also the entire content. The app claims to be taking care of all the technical SEO for your store. We have included the app in our list because of its ability to optimize blog as well. Developed by Booster Apps and trusted by over 224,000 Shopify stores, the app does what it says. With its Pro Plan, you can drive the full power of on-page SEO.

The app does not guarantee the backlinks to your blog or store. But, it uses Google’s best practices to drive them to your blog. The app optimizes all your images according to search engines.

DropInBlog – SEO Friendly Blog

For building a superior blog, you don’t need WordPress. That’s what DropInBlog has proven in recent years. The app installation is simple but comes with powerful features along with it. You can change your blog’s texts, colors, or layout. Adding products in your posts is as easy as one, two, three. We have added the app in our list because of its SEO capabilities. With this app, you get instant feedback on search engine optimization with SEO Analyzer.

DropInBlog analyzes the SEO as you type in your content in the blog or pages. With the app, you can embed Youtube or other videos to the blog. You can always customize the looks and feels of your blog posts.

Shopify Blog Apps for Sales

Generating sales is the ultimate goal for any Shopify store. You must have a complete marketing plan to do so. Add some Shopify blog apps to it to increase sales.

Blog Product Spotlight

It’s one of the most powerful Shopify blog apps to increase sales. To do so, keeping your customers engaged in your content is crucial. The app lets your customers see the product information when they hover over a product link in your blog posts. This way, the reader converts into customers. With this app, your blog becomes a powerful channel to drive more sales. You also get analytics reports to analyze sales and conversions.

This app also turns the lightbox feature on for customers to view a product and add it to the cart. It also lets you display related products below the blog post. This way, your blog becomes your store.

Ultimate Sales Boost

Create urgency with the help of countdown timers and low stock notification with this app. Ultimate Sales Boost also displays trust badges to increase customer’s confidence in your store. Also, it helps your customers get promotions on checkout. With this app, you can make your products stand out on Home and Collection pages. In your blog, there appears a message of buy one, get one free.

Stories – better than Blog

In modern times, stories are better than blogs. That’s why StorifyMe has created this app to bring more traffic to your Shopify store. This app allows you to create content that is friendly for your customers. People are running short on time and stories are a way to save time and convey your message too. So, there is no need to have super long blog posts to drive traffic. With Stories, you can extract the power of social media and get more sales.