Best Email Marketing Apps for Shopify

August 21, 202010 Min Read

Email marketing is one of the best ways to achieve your Shopify business goals. Nearly nine out of every ten marketers use email marketing to distribute content. To excite you more, you can expect an ROI of $44 for every $1 you spend on email marketing. Isn’t it huge? New research has shown that old customers tend to spend more than new customers. Investing in old customers brings in more conversions.

Fortunately, there are many handy Shopify apps to achieve your email marketing goals. Various apps provide a different range of jobs. It’s because email marketing is just about sending emails to your customers. You need to get most of your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list and send converting emails to get some attention. If everything goes seamlessly, you will convert those subscribers to customers. Some email marketing apps for Shopify do it all and some provide specific functionality.

How to Setup Email Marketing on Shopify

To set up email marketing on your Shopify store, you have several solutions including

  • Shopify Email for marketing
  • Kit dashboard for email marketing
  • Other email marketing apps on Shopify

Email marketing is so powerful that Shopify decided to take it on its interface. You can easily set up an email marketing campaign for your products from the comfort of your Kit dashboard. You need to go to “Adjustments” and then select “Email Marketing”. You have a lot of handy email templates to choose from. Select the one and click “Preview” to see what it looks like. Before going further, we suggest you send a sample to your email address.

If everything looks great, send the email to your customers. The Kit dashboard also helps you add store contact information to cater to your email marketing needs. First, you need to go to “Adjustments” and then “Email Marketing’. Select the “Store Address”, fill in your store information, and save. Under “Marketing email address”, share the email address that you want your customers to send replies.

The Shopify Kit communicates with you. In the messaging service, type “hi kit” and then reply with “2” to run an email marketing campaign. That’s all you need to set up email marketing on Shopify with the help of Kit.

Other Shopify apps also have an identical process.

Email Marketing Apps for Shopify

Email marketing apps are a wonderful way to drive traffic and boost sales with the email. If it’s necessary, feel free to use more than one email marketing app for Shopify. However, it can have a negative impact on the speed of your store. Email marketing is a must but the speed of your store should not get down at any cost. It will repel your customers away from the store. Let’s have a look at some email marketing apps now.

1.  Privy – Pop-Ups, Email, and SMS

privy shopify app

It’s a handy all-in-one solution to your entire marketing plan including email marketing. The app lets you take the benefit of exit pop-ups to grow your email list. It brings in more subscribers that you can target. Privy lets you do auto-syncing contacts with Mailchimp and Klaviyo. With the app, you can also reduce cart abandonment. How? You can craft targeted popups to give a discount to improve conversions. And during the process, you can ask for an email to encourage them for repeat purchases.

Driving sales with email newsletters and texts is also seamless with Privy. Everything from popups to emails is customizable. You can put banners, flyouts, announcement bars, etc to boost more sales and get maximum email addresses. Privy email marketing lets you follow up for the abandoned carts as well. What we like the most about the app is its real-time reporting. With the app, you can drive a full-fledged email campaign using other tools like popups, flyouts, banners, etc.

2.  Omnisend Email Marketing

omnisend - best shopify email marketing app

With Omnisend Email Marketing, everything is on autopilot which means you save more time and energy. You can recover abandoned carts and reach out to the visitors to convert them into customers. There is a complete lifecycle of emails, texts, push notifications, and more channels. You can install the app in minutes with a single-click Shopify integration. Omnisend has a variety of email templates to choose from. It also provides easy migration from Mailchimp.

Omnisend is a complete solution to your email marketing plan. It walks your customers through the entire journey. You can greet your shoppers and introduce your brand immediately after the signup. Get back the lost cart data to follow up on your potential shoppers. If some customer buys from your store, you can send branded and automatic order, shipment, and cancellation updates. After a successful purchase from your customers, you can send them a series of messages to drive more sales.

The app includes signup boxes, popups, wheel of fortune, and landing pages.

3.  Seguno: Email Marketing

Seguno Email Marketing app

Seguno means all your email marketing right from your Shopify dashboard and mobile app. You can save time with automation keeping the best practices in check. The emails may include a unique discount code to boost sales. Seguno has it all, from sending emails to request for product reviews to make sales. The app also lets you see the report so you make better decisions.

Seguno allows you to boost excitement for your upcoming store or products. You can have pre-launch subscribers even before creating your Shopify store. Welcoming new subscribers and introducing your brand is also easy with the app. The app also lets you recover the abandoned cart and use the data to boost more sales. You can thank new and old customers for the first and repeat purchases.

Setting up Email Marketing Campaigns on Shopify

Setting up email marketing campaigns on Shopify is easy. All you need to do is use some apps like Shopify Email. It’s the company’s official email marketing tool. You can choose from ready-made templates to save you time and energy. Sending emails from your domain to build brand image is also seamless with Shopify Email. And you don’t need to go out to accomplish your email marketing goals. Everything is available on the Shopify dashboard.

You have a Shopify store you want to market through email. The app pulls everything like logos, products, and store colors to build your brand image. Choose from an always-growing collection of eye-catching email templates. Once you select your favorite template, you can customize it according to your desire. Editing and revisiting is not a big challenge here. This is how you create Shopify email marketing campaigns.

Shopify Email lets you choose your domain name while sending emails. You can always import your customers from the Shopify store to your email campaign. It makes sure you send the right message to every customer in your store. And there’s more. You can use data and get actionable reports to make your decisions better.

Shopify Email Marketing Apps to Increase Sales

We have tried to come up with only those email marketing apps for Shopify which increase sales. It does not mean that the apps don’t have other features.

1.  SmartrMail Email Marketing

SmartrMail Email Marketing

The main aim of the app is to grow sales and engagement with hyper-personalized emails based on past purchases. You can create win-back campaigns and follow up for the abandoned carts. Also, you can send thank you emails to all of your customers. In just a single click, your email is ready to shoot and generate more sales. There are eye-catching email templates to choose from. Just select, customize, and send them. The great thing about the app is that it has a wonderful support team. You don’t have to be an expert marketer to launch your email marketing campaigns.

There are many valuable features of SmartrMail Email Marketing. For example, Quicker Email Newsletters allow you to compose and send emails five times faster with in-app product look-up. It means you can easily look-up for your products in the app and select them to highlight. The app lets you send automated emails with products recommendation on the weekly, quarterly, or monthly bases. There is nothing you cannot achieve in email marketing with this app.

2.  ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Automation

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Automation

Acquire more customers and engage with current shoppers to boost more sales with ActiveCampaign (AC). Craft welcome emails and attract more customers with prime quality marketing automation. You can automate upselling and cross-selling after the first purchase. The app lets you ask your customers for a review, offer a promotion, and showcase your hot sellers or related products.

With timely emails to increase brand loyalty among your customers, the app increases average order value. Powerful segmentation lets you group your customers on a variety of bases including past purchases. You can even utilize SMS marketing with this little yet powerful app. If you connect your store collections with the app, you can pull all the product information including images. AC Email Marketing Automation integrates with Facebook Audience, Salesforce, Unbounce, Instapage, Google Analytics, and Typeform.

3.   CM Commerce Email Marketing

CM Commerce Email Marketing

Campaign Monitor (CM) is a complete email marketing solution to increase sales. The app sends automated emails to segmented customers so you turn every campaign into a sales funnel. Every message matters and that’s why it must have personalized touch. The app lets your customers walk through the journey with your brand. Campaign Monitor sends abandoned cart emails and follow-ups to convert more.

Another important thing about the app is that it encourages your customers to review the product along with the photos. More than 20000 e-commerce businesses already trust CM to drive their email marketing plans. Seamless Shopify integration makes it an ideal app for Shopify e-commerce store owners. You can always send ready-to-go automation receipts. The app has powerful segmentation which makes sure you never send any useless email. Building a brand with this app is not a big deal of course.

Best Shopify Email Marketing Apps

We have already enlisted some of the best Shopify email marketing apps here. But, if they have not impressed you till now, you can go for the below-given apps.

1.   Consistent Cart

Consistent Cart app

This Shopify app keeps your cart consistent with sales. It uses email marketing push notifications, power of SMS, and the details of abandoned carts. Consistent Cart claims that you only need to spend 5 minutes to completely automate your email marketing plan. There are amazing tools and available integrations you can use to build your subscribers list. With Activity Monitor, you can see and analyze the happenings around so you make data-driven decisions.

Consistent Cart also sends birthday wishing and thank you emails to keep hooking your customers. The app makes eye-catching abandoned cart emails so your customers love your brand. With this app, you can extract the power of SMS because people read 90% of texts within 3 minutes of delivery. So, it’s a wonderful way to attract more customers. As soon as your customers add something to the cart, a popup appears to ask for his or her email address.

2.   Abandonment Protector

Abandonment Protector app

Abandonment Protector provides you several services for just one price. There is no subscriber’s limit and no popup view limit. You can do everything freely without spending a single more penny. The app lets you choose from the multiple templates to create popups and emails. It takes a few minutes. To prevent exit intent, you can create targeted popups.

The app helps you grab the attention of your website visitors and convert them into customers. It further converts customers into repeat buyers. With simple ready-to-use templates and workflows, everything is on automation. From thank you emails to new offer notices, the app does it all. It also asks your customers to give feedback and suggest to follow your brand on social media.

These are a few powerful email marketing apps for Shopify which you can use to boost sales and improve customer engagement.