Best Digital Download Apps for Shopify

August 05, 202011 Min Read

Are you searching for a digital downloads app for Shopify? You are in the right place. Everyone uses digital products from music songs to videos and from ebooks to online courses. Many entrepreneurs have made the fortune selling these products. You don’t have to hold a large inventory to bring in more profits. And your customers can receive the products on-the-go. But, it’s not all about the digital business. Sending free digital products to build your email list is a great idea even if you sell physical goods.

There are many challenges when it comes to delivering digital products. You are open to piracy and theft. You need to take precautions to reduce these risks. If you are on Shopify, there are several handy digital downloads apps out there. 

Selling Digital Products on Shopify

Selling digital products on Shopify is a fantastic idea to start your online business. It comes with a lot of challenges and benefits. There are many digital products you can sell on your store:

  • Ebooks
  • Courses
  • Licenses to your digital assets
  • Membership to access digital content
  • Training program
  • Digital templates and tools
  • Music or any kind of art
  • Services
  • Software

Yes, the opportunities are limitless. And the benefits are staggering. The e-learning industry is expected to be worth $331 billion by 2025. It’s completely understandable why every company has started giving out digital products. For example, Into The Great Divide sells t-shirts along with a digital download of their album.

Bondi Balance is a branded fitness equipment store that also sells workout ebooks. This way, the brand drives more customers and profits. Now, we will analyze the Shopify platform for digital downloads and review some awesome apps to do so.

Shopify for Digital Downloads

Shopify is a terrific platform to sell digital products. Because it provides all the necessary tools and options. The tools include several apps we will discuss in the next sections. And the options include unchecking the shipping checkbox. You need to disable shipping in the shipping section of the product or services page and then click on ‘save’.

Now you need to provide the download link for using your digital product or service. For that, you must use an app from the Shopify App Store. Either you can go for a third-party app or use Shopify’s official app for digital downloads. It’s a free and simple solution to cater to your digital business. Let’s discuss a few more features of it below.

Digital Downloads by Shopify

You neither need to go to third-party apps nor spend a single more dollar to offer digital products in your store. All you need is the Digital Downloads app by Shopify to attach files to your product pages. It lets you create and send download links to your customers who get files in minutes. As soon as they checkout, they get a direct download and an en emailed link as well.

The wonderful thing about the app is that it sends you updates with a fresh link. The digital attachments walk your customers to a variant of a particular product. You can always mix digital and physical products together in your store. You can always set download limits as needed. The app is a simple, free, yet effective way to run your digital online business.

Digital Download Apps for Shopify

If you have built a brand or made insane sales, you can charge for your knowledge. With something that adds value, your store may stand out in the crowd. You need a one-stop solution to do so. Let’s dig deep some of the best digital downloads apps.


FetchApp is one of the easiest ways to sell digital downloads in your Shopify store. The app is flexible to your needs. You can attach many files to a single product or many products to a single file. Restricting downloads by time, quantity, or both is seamless with the app. It lets you receive orders from several carts and combine them in one place. At any time, you can expire, reopen, and resend the digital products.

FetchApp does not charge you any commission on your sales. It has a monthly fixed fee based on your storage. There is no need for having separate hosting for your digital products. Blazing fast servers make sure you are always on the rock.


image credit – SendOwl

Selling digital products or services with SendOwl is a seamless and fast process. You can send all the digital products with a secure download link having an expiry. The app claims to have delivered over 8 million orders to Shopify customers. It’s enough social proof for the app which works hassle-free. You can sell any digital goods including videos, ebooks, photos, patterns, podcasts. Selling licenses or codes with the app is also doable with easy steps.

All you need to do is upload the files to the SendOwl servers and choose the Shopify product page to associate. You can provide download links on the checkout or in the email. To decrease fraud, stamp your PDF files with the buyer’s name and email. Google-style analytics lets you track your data and make the decisions. What we like the most about the app is that it lets you drip the content over a series of days, weeks, or even months.

Sky Pilot

sky pilot app

It’s a useful digital downloads app to send files and stream videos to your customers immediately after the sale. Sky Pilot makes it easy for customers to access all the files and videos at once place. It adds value to customers and you don’t need to stand up always for your customer care. Keep your customers on your site with branding. Your customers don’t have to go outside your store to access the files. Eye-catching and easy-to-use pages offer the files and videos to your customers.

For protection, there is a download limit set on every file and video. You can always set your files and videos to expire after a certain number of days. When someone abuses your content, you always get a notification. Organizing files into folders is hassle-free. The app gives you everything you need to host and share your files and videos.

Free Digital Download Apps for Shopify

To provide digital products to your customers for free, we have enlisted some apps for Shopify here.

Digital Downloads app by Shopify lets you sell digital products in your store. We have already discussed it in the article, let’s move on to some of its alternatives for now.

Digital Products Pro

It’s not completely free but the app has a free plan to sell digital products with confidence. You can always attach one or more files to a specific product or variant. After your customer bought the product, the app offers a clean page to show the number of download links. Yes, sending the download links to the email is also available. What we like about the app is that it also sends new updates to the files already sent to customers.


The Mailchimp app for Shopify is a powerful tool to cater to your email marketing goals. But you might wonder why we have listed Mailchimp here. Your email list is one of the biggest assets of your store. We recommend using the app to send beautiful emails with digital products attached. It becomes a free digital download app for Shopify only if you already have Mailchimp.

The first thing you need to do is grab the email addresses of most of your visitors. Afterward, you can send automated campaigns along with the download files. Another method is to host your files for free on platforms like Dropbox and share the link in the email. But, with this method, the file protectioy lies in your customers.

Easy Digital Products

The app has a free plan and is easy to send a file to your product automatically. You can upload files fast and track every order in the app. There is limitless customization in the app. You can check the entire interface including buttons and texts. Also, you can import your license keys and sell them. Easy Digital Products app lets you automatically generate a unique license key on every order.

You only need to pick a product or create the one and select it from the app. Attach, upload, and send the file hassle-free. As soon as your customers make an order, the download button is ready to serve. You can also send the files hosted somewhere else with the help of a URL. Tracking and analyzing the data is also easy with Easy Digital Products. There is a lot more to explore in the app.

Paid Shopify Digital Download apps

Sometimes we can get something better for free. But, here the paid Shopify digital download apps are far better than free ones. We have already enlisted a few paid apps but let’s discuss a few more for the good.

Digital Asset Manager

It’s a paid digital download app but much cheaper than the competition. Digital Asset Manager helps you send unlimited products without any extra cost. You can also generate a download link and associate it with the relevant product. Even after the sale, the customer might need an activation code in the email in case you want more security. Selling digital products, services, and software is seamless with the app.

The whole process is painless and hassle-free. There is no limit put on the file size so you can upload and share bigger files. The app also provides you the useful stats for customer downloads. Digital Asset Manager is a solid road towards the success of your online digital business. The support team is good and replies to your queries within a few hours.

Single Music

We have added this digital download app for those who are into distributing music or podcasts. Single Music app provides you with album templates with playlists and audio previews. Your fans or music lovers can buy individual tracks or albums. Sending and sharing music bundles and merch has never been easier. As the owner, you can submit sales data to SoundScan or BuzzAngle to have chart reporting. It makes you a better business owner because you can make data-driven decisions.

The Single Music app is one of the best music download apps on Shopify to sell your tracks on the go. There is more. You can drive follows, subscribers, and pre-saves through BoostLinks. Customizing the smart-link landing page is easy. The app has made it easy to distribute music for artists, labels, and record stores. If you add this app to your Shopify store, it does not change the theme but maintains your brand image. The downloads can be in MP3 format and you cannot lose them. Your music data is secure with Single Music.

Thinkific – Online Courses

Online learning is increasing day by day and is much profitable. Why? Because it adds massive value to the masses. If you are an expert at anything, you can get revenue for your knowledge. Online courses have better margins than physical goods because there’s no shipping, storage, or inventory. Thinkific is an excellent choice to create an online learning platform for people. It encourages your customers to engage with your brand to increase repeat purchases and referrals.

It’s not necessary to build your store based solely on digital goods. If you have a skincare business, you can teach your customers to look better. Adding a workout class to your fitness equipment business is a great idea. Styling course will drive more profits to your fashion store. Not only you can create and customize, but sell your online courses with the app. You can always keep your students engaged with:

  • Discussion
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Text
  • Audio/Video
  • Typeforms
  • Google Docs
  • Assignments

To create online courses, you don’t have to be an expert in coding or instructional design. All you need is interaction with the app interface. You can always provide drip content to deliver as a series to your students. Providing learning experience to enhance the skills of students is hassle-free with the app. Thinkific gives you clear progress indicators, replays of course material, and language controls. Automation is the key here. The app allows you to send automated reminder emails to keep your students on track.

We hope you must have chosen the best digital downloads app for Shopify now. Do let us know which app you love and why.