Best Countdown Timer Apps for Shopify

August 25, 202010 Min Read

Countdown timer apps are a wonderful way to make waiting for your new store or product a little more fun. Countdown app tracks a certain number of days, minutes, or seconds before your big day. In modern times, getting attention is one of the most challenging tasks. So, even your countdown must be eye-catching and responsive. It should give your customers and clients the impression of scarcity.

Today, we will discuss some of the best countdown timer apps for Shopify. We have taken a few considerations for coming up with our top picks. Countdown must be simple yet eye-catchy. The countdown timer is perfect for giving an impression of scarcity. It should immediately get some information from your customers or clients. They must feel the fear of missing out. Let’s have a look at some of the most amazing countdown timer apps for Shopify.

Best Countdown Timer Shopify Apps

The best countdown timer Shopify apps given below is not a ranking. We love them all. It’s completely up to you to choose a particular app for your store.

Sales Pop Master – Countdown


With more than 5000 reviews, the app still manages to have a rating of 4.8 stars. It means you can trust the Sales Pop Master app to show a terrific countdown. The app allows you to show your recent sales to the customers so they buy more. It becomes a social proof pop up for your store. The app promotes the customer’s trust in your store and urgency. That’s why we have selected the app to be here. It has all the features you might need including scarcity, design, and CTA.

If you have a new store, show products recently added to the cart with the help of Sales Pop Master. You can also show the popup for your customers to click the product name. Because we have enlisted the app for a countdown. It shows the timer if some of your products are on discount for a limited time. The app also lets you show the countdown stock to show the scarcity to your customers.

Sales Countdown Timer Bar 2.0

Sales Countdown Timer Bar 2.0

The app lets you schedule a sales offer for a limited time. It shows up the countdown timer at any position in your web store, be it a header, button, or a widget. You can add sales notification on any particular product, collection, or homepage. Setting up auto-restart timers is also hassle-free with the app. Choose any date or time, write any message for the countdown bar, and show it up anywhere you want.

Your brand image needs to stand out. That’s why the app has made it easy for you to customize your timer. You can not only change the color, but also texts, and layout. The timer blends in the theme of your store. The app is perfect for mobile, tablet, and desktop. You don’t need to hire a coder to optimize the counter for mobile use. And the good thing is that you can use the app for two months and refund if not satisfied. The 24/7 support is commendable and you are free to call, chat, or send an email to the team anytime.

Countdown Timer Ultimate

Countdown Timer Ultimate App

It’s one of the most efficient yet simple countdown timer apps for your Shopify store. Countdown Timer Ultimate lets you add the timer designed to create urgency so you get more sales. There are 12 clock design templates to choose from. You can customize colors and fonts. And the timer is responsive on mobile, tablet, and desktop. The timer is a great tool to throw a flash sale and celebrate a special day. You can run an amazing Black Friday, Moder’s Day, or a Cyber Monday.

The app is also perfect for seasonal sales like at Christmas. Run limited-time offers to drive your sales-funnels with the app. It’s also a terrific way to create daily deals and clearance sales. A free trial is available with all the paid-features. And the app provides full-time customer support for you. Countdown Timer Ultimate increases conversions like never before.

Hurrify Countdown Timer Shopify App

Hurrify ‑ Countdown Timer App

Hurrify is a powerful and instant sales-boosting countdown timer. The app gives you the ability to customize the counter according to specific promotions you run in your store. You can customize the text above the time counter. It gives you the option to display timer as a top banner. The app is responsive to mobile, tablet, and desktop. The countdown timer fits well with your Shopify theme. The app allows you to use the text already given in the dashboard. Changing the color and weight according to your theme is also seamless.

Hurrify app also gives you the scarcity timer so you enjoy more sales. Display a progress bar with a sold amount to boost conversions. This way sold amount increases fast. There are two styles of countdown timers already available in the app. Either you can choose one of them or customize it. These are the features that the app has offered. But, some users could not open the app after installing it.

Countdown Timer Bar Shopify App

Countdown Timer Bar adds urgency and encourages customers to click on ‘Buy Now’. Banners are customizable which means you control everything that appears in your store. And yes, there are several timer types you can choose from. They are a one-time, auto-recurring, daily, and weekly timer available in the app. You can target specific countries, products, and collections. Also you can create social ads to boost your sales and profitability.

You need only one-click installation with zero coding skills required. It takes less than a minute to install and run the counter timer in your store. You can set timers according to specific needs including generic countdown, periodic countdown. The app also enables you to create a session-based countdown. The app is perfect for

  • Flash sales
  • Bird promotions
  • Holiday promotions
  • Limited-time offers
  • Product launch events
  • Store launch

Countdown Timer Bar also gives you a call-to-action button on the bar. And you can roll as many countdown bars as you want. And you can get those at any place in your store. With the auto-scheduling feature, you can create timer bars for the next months and years. To add emotions, you can use emojis in the message bars. Either you can choose on all pages or some specific product or collections page. The app is responsive for all the sizes and devices including mobile and tablet.

Best Countdown Timer App for Your Sales Booster

If you have not chosen the countdown timer app till now, we have come up with a few more apps to boost your sales.

Countdown Sales Timer

Countdown Sales Timer app

The app lets you create real-time urgency with countdown timers. Boosting conversions and getting more customers to the checkout is easier than ever. The app gives you the ability to show a promotion bar above or under the header. You can promote flash sales, seasonal offers, and upcoming products. If you launch a new product, you can create a limited time discount for it. Upselling with the help of such a countdown timer is seamless.

The good thing about the app is that it lets you customize the timer the way you want. There are six Pixel Union themes you can choose from. And then you can create and edit everything from fonts to buttons. The timers blend in your theme so your brand anchors like a rock. You can also use the app to show shipping cut-off times and deadlines. The designers have put great efforts to curate the timers to boost sales. Free and premium plans are available. It means you can try it without spending a dollar.

Countdown Timer | Cart Timer

Countdown Timer Cart Timer app

Countdown Timer | Cart Timer is a wonderful app to announce promotions and offers in your store. You can always create a sense of urgency to drive more conversions. Add a countdown timer or bar to any page, product, or collection. You can also add a redirection button in the timer to any page on your site. Remind your customers about the time left for the offer to get finished. The app also lets you count down to a specific number. You can add custom text, a button, or a checkout timer to offer promotion or coupon to your customers. Repeat the timers on auto according to your marketing plan.

The great thing about the app is that it resets the timer for a new visitor. That means every new visitor will have a limited time before the offer expires. It causes immediate scarcity and boosts sales. It also increases profitability in the long run. You can set the timer in any language. The countdown timer is responsive on a tablet, mobile, or desktop. When you buy Countdown Timer | Cart Timer app, you get free access to over 50 POWr apps. These include:

  • Social Media Feeds
  • Gallery
  • Slideshows
  • Instagram Feeds
  • FAQ Accordion
  • Pop-Ups
  • Lookbook
  • Countdown Timers
  • Contact Form Builder

And many more. Keeping all these handy apps in mind, this countdown timer app provides the best value for money. The app integrates well with MailChimp, Pinterest, Twitter, and many more. Concluding, the app has the customer support you can count on. The app maker also provides you with tips and tricks to boost your functionality.

Sales Countdown Timer by Revy

Sales Countdown Timer by Revy

Sales end in a specific time frame and countdown timer apps play an important role in it. Let your customers know the discounted price is not forever. It’s a fact that customers tend to be lazy to buy things. By showing countdown timer, you are making them more active in buying. The app does not need any coding skills or back-end maintenance. Conversion rate increases day by day. You don’t have to sit and work on creating timers every day.

The app helps you create countdown timers in specific holidays like Christmas, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday. Sales Countdown Timer by Revy promotes your top-selling product by showing it above or under your header. You can also promote all your products at once for a limited time. The app makes your store more dynamic and interactive. You can choose from already available themes for your counter. Adding labels is also not an issue with the app.

Scarcity: Cart Countdown Timer

Scarcity Cart Countdown Timer

If you want to create scarcity with a countdown timer at a more affordable price, the app is for you. It does not only create urgency but also lets you manage the sales on time. You don’t need to have coding skills to create the countdown timer for your store. The timer appears in the cart after your install the app. Scarcity: Cart Countdown Timer app blends in every Shopify theme. It does not work in pop-up cart themes. So, if you have a Shopify theme with a pop-up cart, you need to change it to ‘page’ in the settings. The timer does not resent even if customers refresh the page. And you can always get superb consumer support for the app.

The app understands the science of scarcity and that’s why it lets you take its benefit. It also helps you put up the countdown timer at any place in your store. You can have the most attention above or under the banner. Or you convert more with the cart timer in the checkout system. The support is also commendable. We have found the app to be affordable that does its job.

Apart from this, there is a bonus suggestion from our side. Sales CountUp is a great app to showcase your donations. It also helps you earn social proof status among your customers. With this app, you can put in place your donation model and create timers as well. We hope you love our top picks for countdown timer apps for Shopify.