Best AliExpress Reviews Importer Apps For Shopify

August 19, 202010 Min Read

Do you want to import AliExpress reviews to your Shopify store? You are in the right place. Having reviews onto your web store increases the trust among customers. It’s a way of free advertising if your products are good enough. It attracts more customers and the rate of conversion boosts. Reviews also improve your search rankings. They also let you know about the room for improvement.

If you have a dropshipping business on Shopify, you must be dealing with Ali Express. It’s the biggest online retail service in the world. You can import products from it hassle-free. You might want to import AliExpress reviews of the products you sell in your store. Fortunately, there are handy apps to do so on Shopify. We will discuss some of the best Ali Express reviews apps for your store. Let’s get started.

Shopify Aliexpress Reviews Importer Apps

Shopify AliExpress reviews importer apps are a wonderful way to get all the reviews on your site. Customers will know what the real deal is for them.

1.  Loox

loox app

Loox is a wonderful Shopify reviews app for your store because it also brings in photos. It gives more social proof with eye-catching reviews. With more than 49000 reviews of 4.9 average ratings, the app stands out in the crowd. Though we are talking about importing AliExpress reviews to your store, the app gives you a lot more freedom. You can have your system to get reviews right in your store. Additionally, you can get reviews from Google Shopping, FB pixel, and other review apps.

With only one click, you can set up the app which then imports AliExpress reviews for unlimited products. The reviews blend in your theme so you don’t have to compromise your brand. And it’s responsive with mobile, tablet, or desktop. You can send reviews requests to your customers and follow them up. Customization is the key to Loox. World-class customer support is always there for you. The app also gives you reviews carousel to showcase your best feedback. If you think you should not limit your store to Ali Express only, the app is for you.

2.  Opinew Product Reviews App

opinview app

It’s also a wonderful app to showcase your best reviews including a video and photo. This app allows you to collect reviews from several sources including AliExpress to get customer validation. Reviews are customizable which means you change color, text, or design. Not only from AliExpress, but you can import reviews from Amazon and eBay also. You don’t need a single line of coding to set the app up.

Opinew product reviews app lets you add text, photo, and video reviews as well. You can also request your customers for reviews through email. The review block blends in your theme. With a simple drag-and-drop editor, you can customize your reviews. The app lets you import the unlimited number of AliExpress reviews. And yes, the support is fantastic the plugin-tour is a great walk-through.

3.  AliExpress Review Importer

AliExpress Review Importer - Import AliExpress Reviews

Import Ali Express reviews with this wonderful yet simple and free importer. Yes, you can import an unlimited number of product reviews for free. Because it’s a product of, you can easily integrate with the site. You can also export your reviews and use them with third parties. The app provides you with a hassle-free social proof solution. Reviews with photos are more credible. So, the app lets you add them from Ali Express products.

There are simple steps you can import Ali Express reviews. Get the app, choose the product, and enter AliExpress URL to import. The app not only imports reviews but also the ratings, text, and photos. You can also choose reviews to appear on your store depending upon minimum ratings, photos, a minimum number of words, and a country. Translating reviews into English is also seamless with the app. AliExpress Review Importer shows all the reviews for your products.

Best Ali Reviews Apps for Shopify

Social proof business tends to increase conversions. To do so, you can use reviews from actual customers of the product. Below are the best Ali reviews apps for Shopify.

1.  Ali Reviews AliExpress Reviews

Ali Reviews AliExpress Reviews

Collect product reviews and ratings with Ali Reviews AliExpress Reviews app. Despite the obvious name, the app offers you to import reviews from Oberlo, Google Shopping, and CSV. The app continuously adds more integration to add maximum value and trust to your store. It triggers buying decisions among your customers. Get more sales in your dropshipping business with AliExpress product reviews. More than 40000 dropshippers trust Ali Reviews app.

It’s not a simple app but an all-in-one social proof solution to import reviews and customer’s feedback from AliExpress. Importing product reviews from Oberlo and Ali Orders is also easy. You can also extract reviews from a CSV file. The bulk reviews addition to your store saves you time and energy. You can also choose which ratings you must show. So, you can set the criteria for at-least 4 star-reviews, for example. Request your customer to review your products on email with this app. You can customize everything from CSS position to colors.

2.  Reviify – AliExpress Reviews

Reviify - AliExpress Reviews Importer

Easily import Ali Express reviews to your Shopify store with Reviify. Collecting reviews from AliExpress is seamless with the app. It streamlines the entire social proof process. When you install the app, the design is ultra-modern which keeps you focused on customization freely. The app lets you increase the conversion by review popups to notify your customers about the recent reviews. Reviews appear automatically, so you don’t have to worry about it. It’s a great way to welcome your customers in your store.

The app lets you import settings when you bring over products from AliExpress. View everything and analyze it with the centralized app. For increasing exposure to your customers, you can translate the review app. Tinker the AliExpress reviews with your theme. The interesting thing is that you can check for different keywords to up your game in dropshipping. The makers have not limited the app to reviews only but boosted its functionality to get more sales for you.

3.  Smart AliExpress Reviews

smart Aliexpress reviews importer app

Smart AliExpress Reviews app imports product reviews with photos seamlessly. It’s a free review importer for AliExpress dealers. With just one click, you collect as many reviews as you want. You can also add reviews and ratings on Google Search Result to boost a higher click rate. Extracting reviews from a CSV file is also not an issue with the Smart AliExpress Reviews app. You can migrate reviews from any place including Yotpo, Loox,, and reviews.

The app has recently added a new feature through which you can import bulk product reviews from Oberlo. And you can manage all the reviews at once place. It saves a lot of work and time. You can customize the reviews and add some text, color, or call-to-action buttons. With a “Write a review” box on all product pages so you attract maximum reviews from your customers. The app also lets you send review reminder emails and follow-ups to your customers. All these features are handy to boost sales and maintain social proof.

Best Ali Reviews App for Your Online Store

If you have not chosen the app for you till now, let’s have a look at a few Ali reviews apps for your online store.

1.  Areviews – Reviews Importer

Areviews ‑ Reviews Importer

Whether you deal with AliExpress, Amazon, or Shien, the Areviews is a perfect review app for your store. You only need one click to install the app and import reviews from AliExpress or Amazon. Use several filters to make your reviews more refined. The app converts your visitors into buyers using reviews and emails. It lets you add unlimited products and reviews with images. Yes, it adds products to your store as well. And with one click, you can add 1500 reviews. Increase your submit-clicks to add more reviews.

The manual addition of customer reviews using a CSV file is also easy with the app. You can import reviews from:

  • Oberlo
  • Importify
  • Expressfy
  • Modalyst
  • Dropified
  • Google Shopping

If you get new orders, you can send messages to your customers with coupons and ask for emails. It encourages repeat sales. You can track your visitors to make the experience of your store more fluid. Analyze the visitors’ map with top countries stats to make data-driven decisions. The app lets you create a single Happy Customers Page to combine all the reviews in one place. You can add slider, popup, and badge to encourage your customers for more reviews and sales.

The app is very handy and can create scheduled messages for your customers. Requesting reviews through email is hassle-free with this app.

Import AliExpress Reviews to Shopify

Let’s discuss two more apps to import AliExpress reviews to Shopify.

1. Rivyo Product Review

Rivyo Product Review

Grab the clients and customers with honest feedback and real reviews. Make your store loyal and trustworthy the Rivyo app. You can easily import valuable reviews from AliExpress and Amazon. Collect as many product reviews as you want along with photos. If you want to upgrade your review system, the app is for you. It shows reviews as powerful testimonials. And you can add them anywhere in your store. Not only you can send the email but also track them with status like Sent, Delivered, Opened, or Click.

Appear in Google search results with the product ratings in SEO rich snippets. As for its customization, you do everything with the layout of revies. Styling text, color, font size, buttons, and icons are easy pie for the app. As the business owner, you can raise a question about any product to get customer reviews. Exporting reviews from a CSV file is also seamless.

2. Editorify – Product Reviews

Editorify - Product Reviews

Editorify is a powerful app to import Ali Express reviews with photos to increase social proof. To maximize the conversion rate of your Shopify store, you must use the reviews app. You can get manual reviews from customers. Filter star rating according to your choice. You can keep minimum star rating of 4 or 5. And it’s not just the AliExpress, you can import from almost everywhere including:

  • Alibaba
  • Etsy
  • Wish
  • Taobao
  • Walmart
  • Costco
  • Lightinthebox
  • Bangood

It has the ability to integrate with almost all the colossal apps out there including:

  • Oberlo
  • Dropified
  • Zonify
  • Dsers
  • Shopmaster
  • Expressfy
  • Ali Orders

The app supports all the Shopify themes and custom ones as well. The reviews blend well into your theme so you keep your brand image high. The app also integrates with page builders like Gempages or Pagefly. We think it’s a terrific app to import Ali Express reviews and others as well. That’s why it has 4.9-star ratings with over a few hundred reviews.

We hope you love our top picks. There are free alternatives available but paid apps are worth your money. In case you don’t want extra features, going for free review apps is also a great choice.