Best Age Verification Apps for Shopify

August 13, 20209 Min Read

The age verification app is a terrific tool to discourage some visitors to your store. Your Shopify store might sell some age-sensitive products. These may include wine, cigarettes, or weapons. And you might not want to spread something to those who must not own them. All you need is age verification.

You can set an age limit according to the need. If the law demands you to sell cigarettes to those who are at least 18 years old, you must set the age limit to 18. You should keep in mind that your visitors might lie about their age. But, as a business person, you must be responsible enough to verify their age. Let’s get to know how we can add age verification to your Shopify store.

How to Add Age Verification to Shopify

There are two methods you can add verification to the Shopify store. Either you can use some coding or add an age verification app. It’s completely up to you but you must confirm if the code or app operates according to the law. In case you love coding, you need to follow these steps and add these codes:

  • Go to themes
  • Click ‘Actions’ and select ‘Edit code’
  • Add a new snippet
  • Name your snippet ‘age-check’
  • Go to the code here and change the age limit.

If the technical snippets are not your thing, head over to look for the age verification app on Shopify.

Age Verification App for Shopify

Having an age verification app for Shopify makes it easy to keep a check on unwanted visitors. It also saves you the cost of extra web sessions. Let’s discuss a few apps now.

1. Age Check + Age Verification

It’s a wonderful age verification app to restrict underage visitors to your store. Age Check + Age Verification app does not let the underage customers buy your products. It allows your customers to self-verify their age before getting into your store. Also, it keeps a record of users’ age. Visitors may either verify their age by their date of birth or by choosing between yes or no.

And you can always customize your age verification pop up design.

The app has many handy features. For example, you can add the link to your terms and conditions in the verification popup. You can install the popup at any time on any page including collection, product, or blog post. The app uses an age-gate to restrict access to your store for some users.  Simple and customizable designs are a perfect way to engage customers and visitors. The app provides a flexible age limit settings.

There are two formats available for popups and you can use background image or color on both. It runs hassle-free on desktops, mobiles, and tablets. And you don’t need any coding skills to install and run the app.

2. 18 Plus Age Verification Popup

This app is also handy to restrict underage visitors to your store. You can inform them about the content exposure limit for the website. You don’t need to write a single line of code to install and run the app. And yes, you can customize the popups to the extent of your choice. The app is great for financial institutions, cigarette dealers, or online gaming companies.

You can add a detailed description to justify the age verification to your visitors. Updating a heading or a sub-heading is also not an issue with the app. You can also change and edit the button text. 18 Plus Age Verification Popup allows you to change the background as well. Personalized popup with your logo creates a solid brand identity. Installing and managing the app without coding skills is easy.

The app blends in every theme so you don’t need to worry about the brand image. It also lets you use the age verification for a specific page or product. The 24/7 support is commendable. We also like the many age verification depending upon some locations. The name of the app does not limit you to set the age of 18. You can restrict any age group in your store.

3. Age Verification Pro

Crucial Commerce Apps include this app to verify the age of your visitors. Easy installation and seamless management make it a go-to app for you. The visitors self-verify their age depending upon their birthday. The app complies with the legal requirements for selling age-sensitive goods. From logos to brand colors, you can customize everything. The app is perfect for all the devices including mobile, desktop, or tablet.

You can write the text in any language with this app. It gives you more functionality with easy customization. The app blends in any theme so your brand image stands out. The 24/7 lie chat and email customer care are impressive too. The app has tried its best to create the eye-catching age verification popups. Avoid legal issues about the age limit and be responsible for your product’s sensitivity for a certain age group.

Free Age Verification App for Shopify

There are some great free age verification apps for Shopify. Let’s have a look at a few of those apps.

1. Age Checker Plus

With this app, you can add a custom age verification screen to your Shopify store. The app is simple yet handy enough to do the job. With an elegant design, the screen grabs the attention of your visitors. Age Checker Plus app is a free app, yet it lets you do a quick setup and easy management. You don’t need to change the coding of your theme like we have discussed earlier in this article. All you need is install the app, customize, and that’s it.

Age Checker Plus embeds right into your shop which means you don’t need to go out of your admin area. It shows the age verification screen only where you need it. You can set the age verification to specific product, page, or collection. The app allows you to do it at any time and in any area. Chris Geelhoed has designed the app for mobile, tablet, and desktop. You cannot only edit the text but also the images and background. You can also put up your logo to boost the brand image.

2. Age Verify with Email Capture

Yes, you can not only verify the age of your visitors but also capture their email address. It’s a very useful feature so you might get back to them with a non-restricted product for them in the future. The app does not need you to know even a single line of coding. The app is free, yet you can customize the popups from text to images. With this app, you can greet your customers, ask for age verification, and emails.

Age Verify with Email Capture lets you collect many email addresses. Turn the age verification process into extracting the email funnels. You can contact your visitors for other products that are not age-restrictive. Also, all the visitors will not be underage, so you can get email addresses of your customers as well. If you want to get help, the support is always there. The app is a wonderful choice for those who want a free solution for age verification.

Paid Age Verification App for Shopify Online Store

Let’s now talk about the paid age verification app for your store and see if they are worth your money.

1. Age Check w/ Age Verifier

This age verification app does not need you to have even little coding skills. All you need is click and on install and that’s it. Uninstalling the app is also seamless. You can customize the age checking and verifying the popup theme. Change the logo or background including captions and certification type. Verification is possible with both the ways, either by confirmation buttons or birthday input.

With this app, you can always choose a minimum age, be it 18+ or 21+ or anything. Customizing the headline or subheading is also seamless with the Age Check w/ Age Verifier app. The app gives you two elaborate themes to showcase your verification in an eye-catching manner. You can configure the display according to needs and desires. The support is fast and free. Install the app, customize, enable, and enjoy the app. And you can trust the makers of this app because they have worked with Shopify.

2. Advanced Registration

It’s not only an age verification app but a full-fledged solution for:

  • Customized registry,
  • Approval
  • Fields
  • Logins
  • Locks
  • Licenses

and much more.

Before going on to buy this paid age verification app for your Shopify store, make sure if it’s right for you. It’s a great choice if you own a wholesale store or a B2B business. And you might need some logins, registry, and locks to run your business. The app is for you if your products need special licensing or age verification.

Get extra information from your visitors or customers with the help of this app as well. It can prove to be a marketing tool to flourish your Shopify business. The app lets you need special fields to be filled by your customers. It can be age, business Id, VAT, ABN, license number, and legal agreements. You can also lock down your entire store and open it only for registered users. When you install the app, it becomes ready for your use. Customization of colors, text, and language is fluid.

3. I Agree To Terms

The age verification app lets you add terms and conditions checkbox to your cart page. It’s a comparatively cheaper app to add a variety of confirmations on the checkout. You can always know which checkbox the customer has checked. Adding a warning message is a click away with this app. You can apply custom designed checkboxes and warnings according to your theme. Add the URL to redirect to your terms and conditions as well.

The app is fully responsive to mobile, desktop, and tablet. You can also add custom CSS to your app on the dashboard. Many laws including General Data Protection Regulations need you to show your privacy policy to your customers. The app helps with that. It also builds trust among your visitors and customers. You don’t need to have coding skills with this app as well. All you need are simple clicks and you are good to go. I Agree To Terms app by Tech Dignity is not only an age verification app but also a trust-building tool for your store.

We hope you like our top picks of age verification apps for Shopify. Do let us know which app you find to be useful for your business.