Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools to Find Winners

July 27, 202013 Min Read

Choosing the best dropshipping product research tools might be the smartest step to succeed in dropshipping. It does not matter if you are starting or have an already established dropshipping business online. You need the right product research tools to help you find the next enormous thing for your store.

In the dropshipping business model, the supplier or manufacturer sends the goods bought to your customer on behalf of you. In the fast-paced online business world, you need to target and sell only in-demand products with less supply. Only then you can make money and considerable profits.

How to do product research for Dropshipping?

Product research for dropshipping is more challenging than traditional e-commerce businesses. Why? It’s because the market is already full of high-priced products and getting your piece of pie seems tough. Let’s find out how you can research your perfect products.

1.   Check out your competitors

See what your competitors are offering in the dropshipping store. We are not suggesting you go for the exact product. But analyzing how they source and sell a particular product can be an eye-opening experience for you. For example, if you can offer a particular product for less than your competitor, you are good to go in the business.

2.   Hunt the trending products

You need to find trending products for your store. That’s how you can make profits because the trending products give you sizeable margins. Also, they sell fast because they are trending. Right? You can sift the Google Trends, Kickstarter, or SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) to hunt the trending products for your store.

3.   Go for the niche dropshipping products

Yes, you heard it right. Going for the niche dropshipping products give you robust branding grounds. And you can avoid a lot of competition out there. Targeting a small audience is a more effective strategy, even if you want to scale your business later. Become a leader in your niche and expand your realm in the business world gradually.

4.   Research Dropshipping Products on Social Media

You need to do product research on social shopping sites like Pinterest, Etsy, or Crowdstorm. Discover how people buy and use various products using feedback.

Choosing the best dropshipping product research tools also depends upon the platform you are using to do the business. Dig it deep. Even if you don’t use eBay or Amazon, you still need to do product research on these platforms. Why? It’s because the masses are there. Let’s get to know some tools to do product research on these platforms.

eBay dropshipping Product Research Tools

eBay is also a leading marketplace for drop-shippers so we have tough competition in choosing the best product research tools for eBay. However, ZIK Analytics, Terapeak, and Chilli Hunter attracted our attention to the reasons we are going to discuss one-by-one.

1.   ZIK Analytics

Zik Analytics is one of the leading e-commerce market research tools to find hot products to sell online. For your dropshipping store on eBay or somewhere else, ZIK eBay product research tools give you top-selling categories and niches. After you find a product that attracted your attention, you can see the key information about it.

Now, you can utilize all the information to select the product for selling your store. The analytical information includes total sales on eBay or trending products from Google. See if a particular product is worth listing on eBay or your e-store. You can get to know how fast a product is selling or how many competitors are there. The tool also helps you determine the best price and related keywords for the product.

2.   Terapeak

TeraPeak is another excellent eBay product research tool that has helped many sellers make their fortune. The tool has done so well that eBay has acquired it and made it the part of their Seller Hub. You can use it as a dropshipping product research tool for your store. The company now describes it as an exclusive eBay insights tool.

With TeraPeak, you can analyze the better-performing categories and products and get in-depth stats, graphs, and charts. Additionally, you can have an overview of proven strategies to attract more buyers to your dropshipping store. It also provides you with the ability to use filters to search for products by keywords more effectively. TeraPeak gives you everything to outshine the product research for your store.

3.   Chili Hunter

Chili Hunter is one of the most powerful eBay dropshipping product research tools. It directly offers you to generate profits and skyrocket your sales. You cannot only find a hot product but also do the market research for it. As a dropshipping seller, using this tool helps you find trending niches, boosting products, and best selling keywords.

If your store is on eBay, you can also get advanced stats about it to see what works and what doesn’t. More importantly, you can spy on your competitors with astounding efficiency. You can see what works and replicate the progress made by your competitor.

AliExpress Dropshipping Product Research Tools

AliExpress is one of the biggest dropshipping marketplaces. So, it makes sense to have specially curated AliExpress dropshipping product research tools. Let’s find the top three of them right now.

1.   Ali Insider

There are many AliExpress dropshipping product research tools, but very few help you become winners. Find the most profitable dropshipping products in a click with Ali Insider. Not only this, but you can also analyze competitors’ stores and important dropshipping stats. The free version of Ali Insider helps you track the sales record, check the logistics system of various competitors, and come across a trustworthy supplier.

In the free version, you can also find the number of Daily Dropshipped Orders along with the Competitors’ Earnings. The premium Ali Insider includes:

  • Top 30K Products
  • Profitable Niche Analyzer
  • Newest Trending Products
  • Market Saturation Checker

And the list continues. You can make it big on Ali Express or your store with the help of Ali Insider dropshipping product research tool.

2.   Thieve for AliExpress

To find the best of AliExpress, you need only one tool and that is Thieve. The most important thing about the dropshipping product research tool is that it is always up-to-date. As a drop-shipper, your first concern would be identifying trending products on Ali Express. You cannot have a better place than Thieve to achieve a bigger purpose. The experts curate the most popular products and you take only a moment to know the hottest trends.

Honest, you can have tons of ideas with the help of this product research tool. You can always use filters to narrow down the product research for you. Scroll down the various categories to know what fits you. Wait, there’s more. You have logo removal too, image searches and reverses, conversion stats, and lot more.

3.   AliShark

AliShark is one of the best dropshipping product research tools when it comes to search filters. With them, you can niche down every category from every possible dimension. The tool gives you everything to find the winning products to dropship. Surprisingly, AliShark gives you live results throughout the day and other colossal analytics like sales data.

Only one click with a few filters and you are ready to go with dropshipping. We think AliShark is helpful especially if you already know what kind of product you want and where you want to sell.

Amazon Dropshipping Product Research Tools

There are tons of Amazon dropshipping product research tools out there. However, we have selected the top three to discuss here. Jungle Scout, Unicorn Smasher, and AmazeOwl compete for the perfect solution to research for niches and products.

1.   Jungle Scout

We think Jungle Scout is a robust Amazon dropshipping product research tool to find your winning products. Not only that, but it also helps you estimate the sales, extract the product keywords, and spy on competitors. What we like about the tool is its usability. It has a very user interactive dashboard where you can do it all. Not only does the tool show you the most profitable niche but it also helps you grow in it.

The competition in the online realms like Amazon is fierce. It’s challenging to win even if you have your store. That’s where the Jungle Scout comes into rescue. It lets you know the saturation of a specific product. The tool also provides you with LQS which is Listing Quality Score to make sure if listings are optimized. Along with the average price of the product, the Jungle Scout also lets you know the size of the opportunity.

2.   Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn is a great Amazon product research tool to find winners in the market. There are many features of the tool that can skyrocket your sales. But what we like the most is comprehensive data showing every tidbit detail about the product. The user interface is extremely fluid with a satisfying dashboard to manage all your research.

Also, the tool provides you with accurate sales estimates for the specific product. You can realistically project the sales and profitability in any niche. And yes, there is an opportunity score as well. It analyzes Amazon and let you know the chances of your winning.

3.   AmazeOwl

AmazeOwl is a wonderful Amazon product research tool to help you find the perfect product to sell. It also gives you accurate data to decide whether a particular product is good for you or not. You get in-depth insights to analyze the market of a particular niche. With the star system, you can see the easy of entry into a niche. You also get to know which products are going to be more profitable than others.

The good thing about AmazeOwl is that it offers a free plan with one niche and three keywords research allowed. We think it’s a wonderful tool to start selling one product on Amazon. Sometimes, it gets a bit slow to load the data, but overall, it functions easily.

Product Research for Shopify Tools

We are going to discuss three major product research tools for Shopify. But you can use them to research products and markets for platforms like Amazon, AliExpress, or eBay. The tools are not specific to Shopify stores. Let’s have a look at them.

1.   Ecomhunt

Ecomhunt is one of the most powerful yet cheapest product research tools for all e-commerce models including dropshipping. With the tool, you have all the knowledge about the latest trending products. The tool is extremely easy to use and navigate and that’s why anyone can do the product research with it. More importantly, Ecomhunt University allows you to learn everything to do the traction.

If you are starting, you should utilize the tool without paying a penny. Yes, you can start using it for free to see if it is promising. To win the most profitable niches and products, the tool helps you with everything you need. Not only does it analyze the market for a particular niche but it also gives you insider-insights.

2.   Niche Scraper

It’s a great dropshipping product research tool for Shopify stores, especially if you are a beginner. You can instantly reveal winning products with the tool. Whether it’s for Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, or Amazon, you are good to go with Niche Scraper. You can also do the store analysis with in-depth insights.

The “Hand Picked” section of the tool gives you a curated list of winning products hand-picked by leading experts in the industry. It’s a great thing to hit the ground and ignite the traction from the start. Surprisingly, Niche Scraper also lets you create highly converting videos for your products in seconds.

3.   SaleSource

SaleSource is one of the finest “product research for Shopify” tools. You find the top-rated sellers from a particular niche, source, and buy from them and sell the winning products. The tool is specifically and specially made for drop-shippers. You cannot only analyze the e-commerce machinery but boost it for your good.

With this tool, you can also view top buyers of any product for any time. Also, you can analyze everything on-the-go with the Google Chrome Extension. Additionally, you can view the trending products which are disappearing immediately. SaleSource provides you with deep Shopify store analysis to succeed in the long-run.

Free Product Research Tools for Dropshipping

There are quite a few free product research tools for dropshipping which are effective. We have only selected AliExpress Dropshipping for its reliability, Google Keywords for its versatility, and Commerce Inspector Chrome extension for its uniqueness. Let’s find them out.

1.   AliExpress Dropshipping Center

AliExpress is one of the most famous dropshipping sites. And if you have chosen it for your dropshipping adventures, you must go with AliExpress Dropshipping Center. The tool is completely free and has three main sections namely Hot Selling, Search by Image, and Sponsored Products.

The Hot Selling section lets you filter your search for a winning niche, shipping locations, and delivery terms. The Search by Image allows you to search your products with the help of images saved on your drive. And the Sponsored Product section lets you have a look at the top stores with impressive reviews. We think it’s a lot more than you could ask for free.

2.   Google Keyword Planner/Trends

It’s not particularly for dropshipping, but you can use Google Keyword Planner to generate product ideas and niches opportunities. You can also have a look at free Google Trends so you know the trending products in the market. To use this free yet powerful tool, you need to brainstorm product keywords in the first place. Then you got to research those queries.

Google free research tool gives you the search volume in given time along with the competition out there. Make sure you set the location you want to target first. For example, if your potential clients are in the US, you must set the location accordingly.

3.   Commerce Inspector Chrome Extension

The handy Chrome extension by Commerce Inspector (CI) is a pretty cool dropshipping product research tool. Initially when you are starting, choosing the extension tool is a great choice. The tool shows the hottest selling and new products of a store. You can even view the Facebook ads history of your competitor’s store. Additionally, the Chrome extension by CI also shows you the apps that your competition is using to boost their profitability.